Our maintenance courses are for you if you want to learn how to fix/tune your own bike and is the perfect gift for a bike fanatic. To fix every aspect of every bike is a very long process so instead we concentrate on fixing your own bike to give you the knowledge you need.

Our courses are designed to give you maximum hands on time with your bike. With one teacher per 2 students we’ll  be sure to give you full attention.

We offer 2 options. Our half day course is designed to give you tuning/adjustment knowledge so you can tweak your bike confidently at home, this includes brakes, gears, punctures and general maintenance.

Our full day course goes more into depth with parts replacements which includes cables, drivetrain and pads.

Course Price:
Full Day – £95
Half Day – £55

Full day course –               Sundays  – 10am -5pm (includes half hour lunch)
Half day course –               Evenings – 6pm – 9.30pm
                                          Sundays  – 10am – 1.30pm

What does the course cover?: See here

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