Retro Bikes

Introducing our pride and joy – the Rollquick vintage bicycle collection. Every week, we trawl the country for the finest retro bike specimens we can get our hands on. Then, back at our Bristol workshop, we start restoring. From powder-coated frames to original leather saddles, every one of our retro bikes is a one-off slice of vintage goodness. They even come with six months of free servicing.

Claude butler retro reynolds 531

A top spec Claude Butler road bike in top condition. We've kept everything original with the exception of brand new tyres, chain, cassette and cables. Price: £280 Features: 57cm Frame 10 Speed Drop bars 700c Wheels Fully serviced

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F C Parkes retro road bike

Stylish and comfortable to ride retro road bike with the added bling of gold parts! Fully serviced and ready to hit the streets. Price: £180 Features: 58cm Frame 10 Speed Drop bars Fully serviced

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Coventry eagle retro town bike

Retro coventry eagle mixte in bike in top condition, nice and lightweight and a great around town bike. Price: £150 Features: 54cm Frame 10 Speed Alloy wheels Fully serviced

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Peugeot HLE premier road bike

Lightweight retro road bike in top condition and ready to hit the streets. Indexed downtube shifters and upgraded alloy wheels. Price: £180 Features: 58cm Frame Drop bars 14 Speed Fully serviced

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Hercules retro town bike

An easy to ride and simplistic hercules town bike from the 80's. Ready to cruise around the streets. Price: £120 Features: 54cm Frame 3 Speed Upright bars Fully serviced

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Marlboro retro singlespeed/fixie

A classy Marlboro retro singlespeed. Built up from the frame with a brand new wheelset and ready to hit the streets. Price: £210 Features: 60cm Frame Singlespeed/fixed wheel Drop bars Fully serviced

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