Rollquick is an independent bike shop based in Bristol and Cardiff. Started up by Dan 5 years ago in his back garden shed it has moved onto being a successful busy Bristol shop.

Dan’s objective has always been the same: To provide quality customer service and to make sure your bike receives the best treatment while in our hands. The same love goes into his used bikes for sale, from smooth riding commuters too custom retro creations, every bike will be fully serviced by the team before heading out the doors.

Not your usual Bike shop

Rollquick is not your usual bike shop, the aim is to make sure you have the full Rollquick experience, our friendly staff will help you out with your bike no matter how broken it is, theres always a way to get bikes on the road. With no booking needed you can just pop in at any time, no job is too big or small (even if other bike shops turn it down!).

If your looking for a new preloved bicycle then we can help you out. You may think that a bike is just a bike but we take things a step further. On top of our range of lightweight hybrids and retro racers we can also build you up a custom bike, from singlespeed resprays too date perfect restorations, we can do it!

You can read more about Dan in his interview with alt.cardiff!